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We are happy to announce we are now an official dealer of Scott Cao Violins, D’Addario, Howard Core Company, and Coda Bow. We carry a variety of violins, bows, strings and accessories for stringed instruments, and cases. If we don’t have it in stock, we are happy to help you find the perfect product and make a special order for you!

Our show room is currently by appointment only, please call to inquire or schedule.


Scott Cao STV600

  • Size 3/4 SOLD
  • Size 4/4 (Available)
  • Details: The Scott Cao 600 violin is an upgraded version of the Scott Cao STV500. The primary difference between the instruments is that the 600 features higher flamed woods and an upgraded varnish. The varnish on the violin has a modern Italian color style and uses a natural resin. This violin also features a hill-style chin rest which rests over the tailpiece. The 600 series violins are handmade by award winning luthiers and each instrument is meticulously graduated, rewarding the player with a powerful and refined tone. The instrument is built from Chinese and European maple, has an ebony fingerboard and fittings, Dominant strings, and 1 fine tuner on the tailpiece.

Price $925 (violin only)

Scott Cao STV-017

  • Size 3/4 Available
  • Size 4/4 SOLD

The Scott Cao 017 is one of the best values you can find in any student violin under $690. This is one of the few student violins available that is completely hand made with a traditional oil finish, ebony fingerboard, ebony or rosewood fittings, and setup and strung with Dominant Strings. 

The hand-applied oil finish is more durable than the alternative high gloss spray finishes, which tend to chip and splinter. The oil finish also allows the woods of the violin to resonate freely, producing a better tone. The Scott Cao 017 has a hardwood ebony fingerboard and rosewood or ebony tuning pegs, ensuring the violin plays correctly and maintains a high level of tuning stability.

Price $660 (violin, bow, case)


Violin rentals available for students all sizes for $30/month and we do offer a rent to buy program as well. Schedule an appointment to get size for an instrument and explore your options

-Other Instruments we rent and maintain: banjo, ukulele, guitar (please inquire for availability)

Rent to own program: Rent month to month, 50% of all rental payments goes towards purchase of an instrument from Moidel Music retail store. (size upgrades/instrument swaps permitted)

Short term rentals: Need an axe while on vacation or to head to a local open mic night?!

Piano is $150/week Includes full size 88 key Casio keyboard with weighed keys, keyboard stand and adjustable bench

Violin: $75/week Includes violin, case, bow, rosin

Guitar: $75/week Teton acoustic guitar/case/pick

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